International Adoption and Reintegration




If in the register no appropriate adoptive parents are entered, and the Council for International Adoption is not able to determine appropriate adopters among the persons registered or the determined adopters have refused adopting a child with a health problem, special needs or over 7 years old, the Minister of Justice shall undertake the following special measures:

  1. To publish on a monthly basis between the 25th and 30th day on the official website of the Ministry general information about each child;
  2. To provide information and detailed data about the specificities of the particular child with regard to submitted application by an accredited organization under art. 116 of the Family Code; if necessary a photo may be provided too; to the application shall be enclosed a statement with notarized certification of signature that the data and the photo will be used only as intended.

The filed application for adoption of a special needs child shall be considered immediately.

In case in which adoptive parents, that are already entered into the register , wish to adopt SN children:

If the approval for adoption and the home study of the parents doesn’t match the characteristics of the specific SN child, they have to submit a document, certifying that they are prepared to adopt the SN child. This document has to be issued by the competent bodies \foreign accredited organization, social services or Central authority.

In case in which adoptive parents, that are not entered into the register , wish to adopt SN children:

    The parents have to apply for adoption of SN child and have to represent the following documents:
  1. Brief data about the adopter - name, nationality and citizenship, identity document number, data of birth and place of birth, the state of the permanent residence, the permanent address and the present address;
  2. Short history of the adopter's family;
  3. Information about the economic and social status of the adopter;
  4. Information about the government authority or the accredited organization abroad, which mediates for the adopter, including contact persons, address, telephone, representation, provisions of the permit issued by the accredited organization;
  5. Other circumstances, which are significant for the adoption;

    The Council for international adoption has to approve the application from adoptive parents that are not entered into the register. Within 6 months of the approval, the adoptive parents have to submit to the Ministry:

  1. Approval for adoption issued in compliance with the law of the state of the permanent residence of the adopter;
  2. A document issued by a competent authority certifying that the decision of the Bulgarian court for the adoption will be recognized in the state of the permanent residence of the adopter except in the cases when the adopter is a permanent resident of a state, which is a signatory of the Hague Convention;
  3. A document issued by a competent authority certifying that the adopter is not deprived of parental rights;
  4. A home study report for the adopter containing data about his/her family members, including about their health status;
  5. A document about the health status of the adopter, which shall describe his/her physical and mental health, the lack of heavy chronic diseases, infectious venereal diseases, AIDS, tuberculoses and other diseases endangering his/her life;
  6. A document about the conviction status of the adopter.
  7. Marriage certificate in case of adoptions by family